Book XII Aeneid by Virgil (Lines 697 to 765 AND Lines 887 – 952)

Book XII Aeneid by Virgil FULL

This is all I had to learn for Virgil for my Latin Verse literature GCSE exam. It is my own translation and I got an A so :) 

Lines 697 to 765

Lines 887 – 952

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Book XII Aeneid by Virgil Lines 697 to 765
At pater Aeneas audito nomine Turni
But father Aeneas, hearing Turnus' name
deserit et muros et summas deserit arces
Left the walls and deserted the high tower
praecipitatque moras omnis, opera omnia rumpit
Flung away all delay, broke off from all the work,
laetitia exsultans horrendumque intonat armis:
Happily, with joy, he clashed his weapons fiercely: 700
quantus Athos aut quantus Eryx aut ipse coruscis
As great as Mount Athos or, as great as Mount Eryx, or as vast as old Apeinne
cum fremit ilicibus quantus gaudetque nivali
He roared though the glittering snow
vertice se attollens pater Appenninus ad auras.
Father Appenninus climbed the top to the heavens (air).
iam vero et Rutuli certatim et Troes et omnes
Now indeed everybody, the Rutulians and the Trojans
convertere oculos Itali, quique alta tenebant
The Italians, who held high, turned their eyes 705
moenia quique imos pulsabant ariete muros,
The walls bellow were thumped,
armaque deposuere umeris. stupet ipse Latinus
Weapons were laid on shoulders. Latinus himself was amazed
ingentis, genitos diversis partibus orbis,
These mighty men, born at opposite ends of the world,
inter se coiisse viros et cernere ferro
Clashing together and to decide the issue with a sword
atque illi, ut uacuo patuerunt aequore campi
As soon as the field was clear on the open plain, 710
procursu rapido coniectis eminus hastis
They both dashed quickly forward, hurling their spears, rushing,
invadunt Martem clipeis atque aere sonoro.
With shield and ringing bronze, to battle (mars).
dat gemitum tellus; tum crebros ensibus ictus
The earth gives a groan and they redoubled their intense sword-strokes
congeminant, fors et virtus miscetur in unum.
There's a bit of luck and a bit of bravery involved in the battle.
ac uelut ingenti Sila summove Taburno
just as on a huge Sila or on top of the Taburno, 715
cum duo conuersis inimica in proelia tauri
Two bulls charge head to head in a hostile battle.
frontibus incurrunt, pauidi cessere magistri,
In terror the magistrates retreat,
stat pecus omne metu mutum, mussantque iuvencae
The whole herd stand silent with fear, the heifers brood in silence
quis nemori imperitet, quem tota armenta sequantur;
As to who will be in charge of the forest and whom all the herds will follow,
illi inter sese multa ui uulnera miscent 720
As they deal wounds to each other with immense force,
cornuaque obnixi infigunt et sanguine largo

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The push into each other hard with their horns and in great amounts of blood
colla armosque lauant gemitu nemus omne remugit :
They bathe their necks and shoulders and the whole wood echoes back with a groan:
non aliter Tros Aeneas et Daunius heros
So the Trojan Aeneas and the Daunian hero (Turnus)
concurrunt clipeis ingens fragor aethera complet.
run at each other with their shield, a huge bang fills the air.…read more

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On one side is an empty marsh closing him in and on the other side high walls surround
him.…read more

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Turne, retractas?
`Why now yet more delay? Why do you still retreat, Turnus?
non cursu, saevis certandum est comminus armis.
We must compete not by running but hand to hand with fierce weapons. 890
verte omnis tete in facies et contrahe quidquid
Change into every form and gather together whatever
sive animis sive arte vales; opta ardua pennis
Powers you have, whether in courage or in skill; hope to
astra sequi clausumque caua te condere terra.…read more

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Turnus, wherever he sought a way by virtue the
successum dea dira negat. tum pectore sensus
the dread goddess denied Turnus success.…read more

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You are the victor, and the Ausonians have seen me stretch out my palms in defeat
Ausonii videre; tua est Lauinia coniunx,
[Ausonians have seen]: Lavinia is your wife,
ulterius ne tende odiis.' stetit acer in armis
don't extend your hatred further.…read more


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