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Department of Classics

OCR GCSE Latin Verse Text

Virgil: Aeneid II
Lines 268-280, 298-317, 624-654, 671-716, 768-792

Virgil, Selections from Aeneid II, ed. C. H. Craddock

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Glossary of Names and Places

Anchises The old and crippled father of Aeneas (see reference to Jupiter).

Andromache Wife of Hector.

Ascanius The son of Aeneas by Creusa, also called Iulus.

Ceres Goddess of grain, harvesting and the seasons. The word "abandoned" in line 714 refers
both to her ancient…

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Neptune God of the sea. Troy is called "Neptune's Troy" because Neptune and Apollo built its

Olympus Mountain home of the gods.

Pergama Another name for Troy.

Phyrgian Another term for Trojan.

Priam King of Troy. Beheaded by Neoptolemus (also called Pyrrhus), the son of Achilles,
during the destruction…

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48 B.C. Caesar wins the Battle of Pharsalus, defeating Pompey, who flees to Egypt where he is killed.
On October 18 Octavian (young Augustus) puts on the toga virilis: Octavian is officially a man.
45 B.C. Octavian accompanies Caesar to Spain for the Battle of Munda.
44 B.C. March 15…

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In fact, Virgil did not survive to complete The Aeneid (he died in 19BC) and left instructions to his
literary executors to destroy the manuscript: they didn't do it! For most of his poetic career Virgil had a
literary patron called Maecenas, who was a very powerful man in Augustan…

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horrifying death of Laocoon. Aeneas then in a dream sees Hector, one of the king's sons killed earlier in the war,
who warns him to save himself, the Trojan people, and their gods. Aeneas wakes up to find that the Greeks have
broken into the city, and plunges into the…

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402 436 Aeneas sees Cassandra, daughter of Priam, being dragged from the temple of Minerva the Trojans try to
save her. They are bombarded by other Trojans, mistaking them for Greeks, then attacked by the Greeks, including
Ajax, Agamemnon and Menelaus. Other Greeks join the battle and the Trojans are…

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bigae, arum chariot (lit. "a pair of horses")
cruentus, i bloodstains
divum = divorumof the gods (gen. pl.)
donum, i grace (lit. gift) (ablative)
ecce lo! lo and behold! look!
effundo, ere to pour out (translate "pouring out")
fletus, us tears
gratissimus, a, um most welcome (ablative)
incipio, ere (+…

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tempus erat, quo prima quies mortalibus aegris 268
It was the time when rest first takes over exhausted mortal men

incipit, et dono divum gratissima serpit. 269
and creeps over, by the most welcome grace of the gods.

in somnis, ecce, ante oculos maestissimus Hector 270
In my dreams, lo!…

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arma, orum arms, i.e. battle
arrectus, a, um keen, alert, lit. raised/prickedup
ascensus, us ascent, scrambling (abl. sg. "in an ascent")
auris, is ear
claresco, ere to grow clearer, grow more distinct (vivid present)
diversus, a, um chaotic, scattered
horror, oris terrifying din
excutior, oris (I was) shaken out of…


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