The Returned


The genre

  • Hybrid genre - Zombie genre, Mystery, Sci-fi
  • Channel 4, high cultural capital 

Media language 

Todorov - narrative

Levi Strauss - Binary oppositions 

  • Simon v Thomas 
  • Camille v Lena 

Steve Neale 

  • Genre is recognisable by does change over time and borrows from other genres
  • Genre is important to insitutions because it helps them to market texts 

Poetic realism 

  • Shots were simply constructed but with another-worldly purity from the lighting and camera techniques used 
  • Dealt with characters who were disillusioned, with perhaps one last chance at happiness 
  • They are fatalistic in tone and had a sense of impending doom and the bittersweet irony of human existance 

Impact on The Returned

  • Genre conventions are socially and historically relative 
  • Sense of…




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