Genre Theory

This document highlights some of the genre theories and quotes that I gathered from a variety of text books (and different media theorists and scholars). Very useful for the exams, it's one of the media key concepts that you always need to comment on in the exam no matter what the question is, it boosts your marks. Leave a comment if you would like further info about the text books used for this doc. Good Luck ;)

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1) "Whereas each individual car made according to the
specifications of any one model should ideally be identical to all
the others, each individual film belonging to a particular genre
has to be different. " Neale, 1980, p.52
2) "What audiences seem to like is the familiar with slight
variations. If a genre became too formulaic audiences tend to
lose interest; they constantly want to be reassured by the
expected and challenged by the unexpected." Vivienne Clark,
3) "Genre is not... simply "given" by the culture rather it's a
constant process of negotiation and change." David
4) "Genres are paradoxically placed as simultaneously
conservative and innovative in so far as they respond to the
expectations that are industry-audience-based. " Hayward,
2006, p.160
5) "Generic codes and convention give preferred reading."
Hayward, 1996, p.164
6) "Genres are good for media industries/institutions because
their potential audience and consequently their potential profit
can be easily assessed." Bell, A. Joyce, M. Rivers, D, 2005,
Advanced Level Media.


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