This looks briefly at some various ideas people have had about how represntaion works. Refer to this in the exam when analysing a media text in terms of representation. Examiners look for candadites with a good comprehension of media theories and key concepts. Good Luck :)

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Representation Theories

1) The Reflective View :

When we are representing something we are taking its true meaning and trying to create a replica of it in the mind of the audience- like a reflection. This is the view that many people have of how the news works- the news producers take the truth of news events and simply present it to the viewer as accurately as possible. 

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Representation Theories 2

2)The Intentional View: 

According to this theory the most important thing in the process of represntation is the person doing the represnting- they are presenting their view of the chosen thing, the words and the images they use mean what they intend them to mean.

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Representation Theories 3

3) The Constructionist View:

 Constructionists believe that a representation can never just be the truth or the version of the truth that someone wants you to hear since that is ignoring your ability as an individual to make up your own mind and the influences of the society that you live in on the way that you do so. 

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Representation Theories 4

Any Represntation is a Mixture of: 

1) The thing itself

2) The opinions of the people doing the representation 

3) The reaction of the individual to the representation 

4) The context of the society in which the representation is taking place

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