Media terminology

Okay, so hopefully, these should cover most of GCSE media key words, so you can revise both word and meaning. Please let me know if there are ones i have missed out ir got wrong! Thanks **

by the way.., this is a working progress, i hope they will be more and more concepts availble as i have more time to work on them

sorry, thank you for your patience 

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 - What can be seen 

eg - We can denote the advert has flames, but also that it is hot

(rubbish example...i know!)

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 - What we assume from what we see

eg - We can connote the product is hot and perhpas risky because of the red flames dominating the advert

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 - The fixing or limitling of a particular set of meanings to an image

eg - from the anchoring on the advert we can see that the brand want to represent themselves as risky, we can denote this because the tag line says "take a risk"

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Action codes

 - The action in the narrative is moved along by an event or piece of action which changes the course of the narrative

eg - Through action codes of the Broadcast advert, we can connote that the film is based around a car experiment gone wrong this is because of because of the blown up car taking full focuse of the camera screen

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