Section 1: Food, Nutrition and Health - Chapter 1: Nutrients - 2: Fats

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  • What fat is:
    • Macronutrient
    • Fats are solid at room temperature
    • Oils are liquid at room temperature
    • Fat/oil molecules are called triglycerides - they have the same structure and same energy value
    • Triglycerides:
      • These are made of three fatty acids and one part glycerol
    • Monounsaturated fatty acid:
      • Type of fatty acid found in solid fats and liquid oils
    • Saturated fatty acids:
      • Found mainly in solid fats, e.g. butter, lard, suet, block vegetable fat, ghee, the fat in meat, palm oil, coconut and chocolate
    • Unsaturated fatty acids:
      • Fatty acids found mainly in liquid plant oils such as olive, rapeseed, sunflower and corn; and also oily fish, avocado pears, nuts, seeds and some vegetable fat


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