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GCSE ­ Food Technology (AQA)
The nutritional properties of food…read more

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Diet and health.…read more

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A balanced diet
Food is a vital part of your health. Having a variety of foods in your diet is very important
and helps us to enjoy a healthy life. Food provides us with nutrients which are essential to
keep us fit and healthy. Having a balanced diet provides us with all the necessary nutrients
in the appropriate portions and quantities to meet the body's needs. To follow a balanced
diet you must make sure you eat a variety of foods.
The human body is prone to faults and weaknesses if not treated properly and this can
happen if too little or too much food is consumed. It can also happen if you don't eat a
balanced diet.
The eatwell plate
The eatwell plate is the healthy eating model for the U.K. It is made up of five groups and it
shows the balance and variety of foods that we should include in our diets. The eatwell
plate makes healthy eating easier to understand by showing the proportions we should eat
of each type of food to have a well balanced diet. The two keys to a healthy diet are:
·Eating the correct amount of food for how active you are
·Eating a range of foods to make sure you're getting a balanced diet.…read more

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Guidelines for a healthy diet
The eatwell plate is based on the governments 8 guidelines for healthy diet. These are:
1. Base your meals on starchy foods e.g. potatoes, pasta, rice, bread
2. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables
3. Eat more fish
4. Cut down on saturated fat and sugar
5. Try to eat less salt ­ no more than 6g a day
6. Get active and try to be a healthy weight
7. Drink plenty of water
8. Don't skip breakfast.…read more

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Five a day
An `unhealthy diet' could contain high quantities of fats, sugars and salt and low amounts of
non starch polysaccharide (dietary fibre). Unhealthy diets like these can lead to:
·High blood pressure
·Coronary heart disease
·Tooth decay
·Type 2 diabetes
Scientific studies show that people who eat lots of fruit and vegetables may have a lower
risk of ill health, therefore it is recommended that you eat at least five portions of fruit and
vegetables every day.…read more

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Colourful and helpful presentation covering a healthy diet, nutrients and special dietary needs.

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