Promoting and defining health

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Health promotion

Who promotes health?

  • The government
  • Doctors
  • Businesses
  • Teachers
  • The NHS
  • Pressure groups
  • Celebrities/popular figuresWhat are the aims of health promotiong?
  • Improve peoples diets
  • Reduce STI's
  • Reduce obesity
  • Target binge drinking
  • Stop drug usage
  • Information on unwanted pregnancy
  • To promote quitting smoking
  • Promoting immunisation
  • Informing people about medical treatments
  • Preventing drink driving

There are three apporoaches to health promotion:

The Behavioural/educational approach

  • Explaining things to people so that they fully understand
  • It suggests that if people are educated then thier behaviour will change
  • Educational behavioural campaigns include leaflets, posters, TV ads and websites etc.

This approach has three focuses:

  • Information focus = gives people information
  • Activity focus = Suggests methods to improve
  • Mecial focus = Makes people aware of medial practices and procedures to treat/prevent ill health

Some advantages of this approach:

  • People can make their own decisions
  • Can be targeted at specfic groups
  • Pester power
  • Becomes common sense
  • Lots of people react to the media

Some disadvantages:

  • Very young children won't undertand this approach
  • People may feel like they are being told what to do so resist
  • People may not care
  • Billboards/posters are…


Sam Morran


A very good summary of the key points.

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