Health and Social Revision - Unit 1

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  • Health and Social Revision
    • A holistic concept of health
      • In 1948 the World Health Organisation defined health as:
        • "a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absnece of disease and infirmity"
          • This statement is still extensively quoted but WHO has developed its view since this time. The two main critisims being-
            • It implies a static position whereas life is quite the opposite
            • It is totaly unrealistic and idealistic how often does anyone feel in a state of complete well being
      • The concept of health has a number of different dimensions
        • Emotional Health
          • the ability to recognize emotions such a fear, joy, grief and angaer and to express such emotions appropriately. Also means coping with stress, tensions, depression and anxiety
        • Social Health
          • the ability to make and maintain relationships with other groups
        • Mental Health
          • the ability to think clearly and coherently
        • Spiritual Health
          • for some people it is connected with religious beliefs and practices for others it is to do with personal creeds, principles of behaviour and ways of achieveing peace of mind and being at peace with oneself
        • Physical Health
          • concerned with the mechanistic functioning of the body
        • Societal
          • health cannot just be considered at the level of the individual because a persons health is extricably related to everything surrounding that person
      • What is holistic?
        • The word come from 'whole'. A holistc concept of health conciders the whole person rather than  just separate aspects of health recognising, how each one of the aspects of health impacts on the others
    • Definitions of health
      • Professional Definitions
        • Come from nurses, doctors and health care professionals
        • Some profesionsal definitions can be negitive- they view health as an absence of illness
      • Lay Definitions
        • come from ordinary people in the street
          • Both of these definitions are important as they help to see health from to different perspectives
            • Come from nurses, doctors and health care professionals


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