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Defining Health…read more

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Health can be defined, positively, negatively
or holistically.
This presentation examines the advantages
and disadvantages of each definition…read more

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The Positive Definition
· This defines health as · Healthy under positive
being fit and well, definition
having a normal BMI,
blood pressure etc.
and being physically
fit and active
· Health is maintained
by exercise, sensible
eating and
moderation…read more

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Negative Definition
· Health is defined as not being · Healthy under the negative
ill/the absence of sickness, definition?
unfitness or disease
· Health professionals tend to
use this definitions as it
focuses on visible problems. It
is sometimes referred to as the
biomedical model.
· Ill health occurs when
something goes wrong in
the body ­ medical
professionals then intervene
with treatments and cures…read more

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Problems with the Medical model
Biomedical model 1. It is inward looking
focussing on
problems within the
2. Sometimes medical
problems may be
caused by social or
emotional factors ­
medical intervention
may not be the best
treatment…read more

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Holistic Definition
· This emphasises the whole person (`holistic' means
· A person is healthy when all aspects in their life is in a
state of well being ­ physical, emotional, social, spiritual,
· Holistic health is maintained by exercise, sensible eating,
successful relationships, fulfilment in life and work, lack
of stress, being at peace with yourself
The holistic definition is useful because it looks outward
from the person as well as inward. It also emphasises
the interelated nature of factors contributing to health…read more

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