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Unit 1: Human Growth and Development

aspects of human growth and development throughout the different

life stages

factors that can influence human growth, development and health

experience, including those that are inherited and those that are

acquired during our lifespan

what it means to be healthy, and how health and well-being can be



      infancy (0–2 years)

      early childhood (2-8 years)

      adolescence (9-18 years)

      early adulthood (18-45 years)

      middle adulthood (46-65 years

      later adulthood (65+ years).

physical skills — including gross and fine motor skills

intellectual/cognitive ability — including thinking and language skills

emotional development — including the formation of self-concept

social skills — including forming relationships with others.

genetic or inherited factors

environmental factors.

lifestyle factors — such as diet, exercise, use of drugs, alcohol, and

tobacco smoking

social factors — such as family,


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