Health Promotion and Wellbeing

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  • Promoting Health and Wellbeing
    • Health Approaches
      • Negative
        • Absence of illness
        • negative biomedical approach adopted
          • Advising of the dangers eg smoking
            • expertise
      • Biomedical
        • abnormal changes in body
      • Postive
        • Presence of certain qualities
        • Promote health improvement through behaviour change
          • Stop smoking campaigns
      • Holistic
        • State of complete wellbeing
          • Whole society approach
            • Governements
              • laws such as smoking in public places
            • Change or manage social environment
      • Criticisms and Weaknesses
        • Seen differently by different practionoers
        • Contradictions
    • Health is....
      • Positvely Defined as...
        • Being fit, feeling good having a good BMI
      • Negatively defined as...
        • NOT being ill, diseased or unwell
      • Holistically Defined as...
        • A state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing
    • Health Promotion...
      • Process of enabling people to increase control  and increase their health


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