Media Studies Music Press AQA 2013

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Media Studies Music Press Exam

Qualities that make a successful magazine

Explain why and give examples

  • Cover the whole spectrum of music - it can appeal to a wide range of audience (e.g. I like Music)
  • Allows fans to contribute - allows them to contribute their own opinion, follow the content the audience like, allows the magazine to improve (Twitter, MySpace, Forums, YouTube & Facebook)
  • Interesting and interactive -Blumer and Kate's gratification theory - escapism, wont buy if it isnt interesting, easy navigation, links to social media (e.g iGuitar), involves and interests the reader
  • Unique - the selling point of the magazine (USP), different from the competition, 'uncovering new talent' - link to the brief
  • Uncovering new talent - keeps the magazine up-to-date, uncommon in online magazines (unique - its a risk)
  • Social media - allows the magazine to follow artists, links the audience and the magazine

Why a magazine should publish online

Explain why and give examples

  • A wider audience can be attracted - can be viewed by people across the world (type in 'music' on a search engine)
  • Its cheaper than print - costs a lot of money to print and distribute, cheaper to design and post on the internet
  • More interactive and engaging - intrests and engages the audience (iGuitar)
  • More up-to-date and constantly linked to the audience - contains the latest information, wont be behind competetors, keeps the audience involved…


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