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Monday 13 June 2011 (pm)
Media Studies 48101
Unit 1 Investigating the Media
Topic Action and Adventure

Time allowed
1 hour 30 minutes

Use black ink or black ball-point pen. You should use coloured pencils, fine
liners and a ruler where appropriate.

Answer all tasks.

You should make sketches…

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Question Paper-
Please write answers on the line paper provided. Write in bullet points of paragraphs and ensure your a
are well structured.

A* Criteria:
Define key words in the questions, e.g A&A film & Genre.
When referring to films use the following format: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse…

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Task 2 (A)
One of the characteristics of A&A films is the way in which it is promoted across
the media: for example chat shows, the popular press, radio, websites and blogs.
What are the advantages of this? Provide some examples to support your views.
(15 marks)

You could define…

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Mark Scheme
Task 1 (A) (15 marks)

Likely to debate assertions made here about popularity.
Excellent knowledge of formats/content of A&A, referring to all 3 bullet points.
Responses are supported by apposite and well chosen examples.
Excellent understanding of the reasons behind the popularity of A&A is demonstrated. (10 marks)…

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A totally workable and creative pitch.
Completely in line with the brief.
Addresses each of the bullet points.
Proposal demonstrates high level of creativity. (5 marks)

Task 2 (A) (15 marks)

Excellent knowledge and understanding of a range of promotional strategies deployed
across the media.
Excellent knowledge of how synergies…


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