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A month before the exam you will receive some prereleased material such as a letter
asking you to come up with a new idea for a music magazine. In the exam you will get 1
hour and 30 minutes to complete 4 questions. We do not yet know what these
questions will be but they will cover the various elements of Music Press that we have
covered during the GCSE course.…read more

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This logo shows you that the question / information is quite tricky and are good for students
who are aiming for A*B grades. If it is in the left border next to a question, it just applies to
that question. If you see it at the top of the page on both sides, it applies to the whole page.…read more

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"You have seen the following tweet on your timeline. It has been retweeted by one of
your favourite music artistes."
This tells you that the magazine institution is modern, likes using new technologies and thinks
music artists are the opinion leaders of their audiences.
"We are offering fans who are passionate about music a unique chance to contribute"
This tells you that they want to give fans (including you) the opportunity to contribute to pages
/ articles.…read more

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How do the different elements of music magazines communicate what genres they
focus on?
Masthead ­ The word Kerrang is
onomatopoeia and is supposed to be the sound
made when strumming a guitar which signifies
that the magazine might focus on genres
involving guitar players eg rock and metal. The
masthead also has cracks through the letters
which might be because rock and metal music
are loud.…read more

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Colours ­ The main colours of the magazine
are black, grey and red, all of which are
associated with the rock genre. They are
aggressive powerful colours which is similar
to the style of music from these genres
Cover Star ­ the cover star is a member of
the metal band Black Flag which immediately
communicates the genre to the audience.…read more

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Now it is your turn.…read more

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Use of Language…read more

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Have a look at some music magazine websites and try and fill in the boxes
How will you make it clear from your magazine website page, what genre of
music your page is about whilst remembering that the whole site of Rhymix
covers lots of different genres?
What 3 things do you think are MOST important in signifying the genre to an
audience and why?
Why is it important to make the genres that a magazine / website covers, clear
to a…read more

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Below you will see three different magazine front covers and contents pages. Try filling
in the tables to make it clear that you understand each magazine well. Use real copies
of the magazines to help if necessary. We have done the first one for you.…read more


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