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Media Studies ­ Unit 3
Exploring Media Industries in
a nutshell!…read more

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1. Audience and Media Products…read more

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Methods of Research
Questionnaire ­ a series of pre determined
questions that can provide qualitative or
quantitative data.
Case study ­ When you examine in detail a
specific example of something with a view to
explore how / why it worked/ happened.
Survey ­ Has a quantitative focus. Looks to
record how many people do a specific thing.
.…read more

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Methods of Research
Online survey ­ Online version of a survey.
Participants often asked to click on option.
One to one interview ­ Question and answer
session between two individuals where
answers are recorded / noted down.
Focus group ­ A collection of people brought
together to discuss a specific topic.…read more

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Advantages and Disadvantages
Questionnaires can be sent to people of all
ages and genders and there are lots of
questions that can be used to obtain data.
However, questionnaires do tend to take a
long time to fill out and it is impossible for
them to be reused.
Case studies are very structured and are
useful for supporting research. However, it
does seem to end up narrowing the focus
quite a lot, as only a specific example is
mentioned.…read more

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Advantages and Disadvantages
Surveys are very quick and easy, and you
are likely to get a lot of results from them.
However, these results shouldn't be taken
too seriously, as they may not necessarily be
Online surveys are even faster than ordinary
surveys and again you are likely to get a lot
of results from them. However, you could
argue that not everyone has access to the
internet and the results may not necessarily
be accurate.…read more

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I love this! , good presentation for my media exam preparation/revision. Thank you to the person who made this. God bless you !



Holly Knight, you are a life-saver! Thank you!



Very good but needs to be updated

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