Media Studies GCSE - Pre-Release Material Notes

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The Pre-Release Material

This is what the Pre-Release Material (Given out on the 7th May 2013), contains.

"You have seen the following tweet on your timeline. It has been retweeted by one of your favourite music artistes:


CALLING ALL MUSIC LOVERS!! Get involved in the launch of RHYMIX, our new online music magazine #musicrevolution #Rhymix

You have clicked on the link and the following page is then displayed.

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The Pre-Release Material

Join the RHYMIX Revolution

Revolutionary Publishing is excited to announce the launch of our online magazine - RHYMIX. From metal to the latest boy bands. RHYMIX will cover the whole spectrum of popular music. We are offering fans who are passionate about music a unique chance to contribute to  our new venture.

We intend to produce something different. Firstly we don't want our online magazine to become just another promotional tool for the music industry. Instead our aim is to provide independant and informed comment on all that is trending in the music scene. Secondly we are interested in uncovering creative talent from all over the country and aim to support new bands/artistes whose talent and creativity deserve recognition.

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The Pre-Release Material

If you are interested in joining us, you will need to continue your research into the music press, both print and online. We then want you to select a music genre and develop ideas for the content and design of an updateable page for our online magazine. We would also like to receive your views on our decision to publish online.

It is also really important that we create opportunities for fans to connect with bands/artistes. We welcome suggestions from you on how we can do this.

To get involved you will need to complete four tasks. Remember it is up to you what music genre you select, but you will need to show us your ideas for both the content and the design of an updateable page for our online magazine.

We need your ideas by the 6th of June 2013. Bear in mind we are busy people, so:

  • Keep your responses focused
  • Use diagrams and illustrations where appropriate
  • Provide examples to support your ideas
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The Pre-Release Material (Glossary)


Retweet: To repost a message from another Twitter user.

Social media:   Online providers  that allow users to share content, to post comments and to network with other users.

Timeline: A Twitter term used to describe a collection of tweets listed in the order they have been received.

Trending: All that is trending - topics that fans are getting excited about.

Tweet:  A short message which has been posted on Twitter.

Twitter: An online social networking provider.

Updateable page: A web page that has content which can be changed regularly.

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The Pre-Release Material (Analysis)

Alright, now that you've read the Pre-Release material through- we can start looking at what they're asking us. Being a GCSE Student myself, if I miss anything- be sure to tell me so I can add it on (With proper credit to you, of course)!

So, immediately we can see that they want us to produce an online magazine, which covers "the whole spectrum of popular music". Now, this is to our advantage, as we can then pick any genre of music we like. However- you must be cautious, as some music that is enjoyed, may not be classed as "popular", in AQAs own definition. So,pick something with a significantly large fan base that is already online- as the editors of "Rhymix", want to get their audience to whatever genre you pick as quick as possible. So for example, the audience of Dance/Club music is mainly part of the younger generation (Our generation). And we're always on our technology, right? So that's an  immediate market right there. If you choose Dance music, and revise well on that; you can say that you chose it because the audience is there! On Twitter, on Facebook, on YouTube. All you have to do, is reel them in. Now remember, all of this has to be in role. So you have to act like you, yourself saw this tweet on twitter about 'Rhymix', and you, yourself want to reach this audience. So you need to brush up on your chosen genre of music big time.

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sofia meniai


im doing this for media next week and this helps a lot ,, thank you

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