Key Events 1625-60 English Civil War

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Red / warming colours: More towards monarchy

Blue / cooling colours: More towards Parliament

1625 - 1629:

Charles gets off to a bad start with Parliament. Wars with Spain + France are costly failures. Arguments develop over religion, taxation, foreign policy and the King's friendship with the Duke of Buckingham. The King becomes convinced that England and its government have to change.

1629 - 1640: The Personal Rule of Charles I

Charles I sets out to rule without Parliament. He makes peace with Spain & France, while beginning a series of reforms aimed at increasing central control over county government. Specific measures include the following:

  • Imposing uniformity of worship on the Church of England
  • Increasing revenue to decrease the Crown's dependence on Parliament's taxes
  • Strengthening the King's government in Scotland and Ireland.

These policies provoke opposition, culminating in war with Scotland. Failure in this war forces Charles to call a new Parliament, ending the Personal Rule.

1640-1642: The Long Parliament

Parliament attacks many aspects of the King's rule. A Royalist part begins




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