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Whig (Liberal party, beginning of the 19th century): long road to the civil war, absolutist rule leads
to progressive opposition - "Eleven Years Tyranny."
Revisionist view: short term factors led to the civil war, there was arguably successful reforms
under personal rule, and it didn't contribute to civil war.

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In addition there was also two regional prerogative courts to impose control on the far reaches
of England.

The Council of the North: situated in York which dealt with powerful families of the North.

The Council of the Welsh Marches: which was first conceived to protect English borders from

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He disagrees with Wedgwood's dismissal of foreign policy as "weak and egotistical" as he
believes that Charles' loyalty to Frederick, and England's powerful standing and ability to
compromise the position of other countries, was underestimated.
He viewed her perspective as refreshing. Her delegation of blame for the failures of English…


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