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James The First…read more

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Foreign Policy…read more

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Foreign Policy
· 1609 Julich-Cleves Dispute - formation of Protestant Union (Frederich of
the Palatinate) vs. Catholic League (Maximilian of Bavaria)
· 1612 - Alliance with Protestant union - Marriage of Eliz. to Fred
· 1613 - seeking marriage for Charles. Peacemaker as wants Spanish
Catholic. Impacts religious policy as is more lenient towards Catholics
· Southampton pro Prot, Howards pro Spanish
· 1614 Addled Parliament - no money. Spanish offering £600,000 dowry.
Spanish drag out negotiations, want James onside but don't want
marriage…read more

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Foreign Policy
· 1618 - Raleigh executed. Had plundered Spanish treasure ships.
· Ferdinand elected Arch Duke of Bohemia. Nobles rebel in May.
Defenestration of Prague.
· 1619 - crown offered to Fred. James against. Fred accepts...
· 1620 - Battle of White Mountain. Fred and Liz lose Bohemia. Catholics
attack Palatinate
· James tries to persuade Spain to restore hereditary lands to Fred.
Spain don't want to know.
· 1621 - Spain resumes war vs. Dutch
· James calls Parliament as wants to avoid helping Dutch as marriage.…read more

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Foreign Policy
· Invites Parl to discuss foreign policy.
· Parl > ally with Dutch. Cut off supply of gold to Palatinate
· James > Debate might pressure Spain to make concessions. Anti-
Hapsburg but not anti Catholic. Wanted Spain onside for Marriage.
· Parl asked James to declare what he was going to do. James dissolved
· James let Buckingham and Charles go to Madrid to force marriage.
Allowed SPain to ask for more. Want James to reconvert England to
Catholicism. Too far. Return upset and intent on war with Spain.
· 1624 - Parliament called. Buckingham has Cranfield impeached for
corruption for opposing war with Spain. Sets precedent for Parl…read more

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Foreign Policy
· Money is on these conditions only. Seeks
French marriage for Charles. Freedom of
Worship for children
· 1625 - Expedition to Palatinate disaster. Army
suffers, poor supply, deserters. £60,000 wasted.
· James dies.…read more

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