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27rd March 1625- 30th January 1649

Dates of and the relationship with parliament

 -first parliament- June to July 1625. Charles relationship with his first parliament wasn’t good. parliament refused to allow Charles to collect tonnage and poundage for the full lifetime he was meant to. they decided tonnage and poundage should be given for one year so Charles would have to recall parliament. parliament attempted to impeach Villiers.

-second parliament-February to June 1626. Charles relationship wasn't improved. parliament tried to impeach the Duke of Buckingham and to stop them Charles dissolved parliament.

-third parliament- March to June 1628 and January to March 1629. The third parliament demanded that Charles couldnt impose forced loans or be imprisoned without trial or reason.

Key Acts and events

-Prayer book- When Charles introduced the Book of Common Prayer in Scotland.

-Ship money- In 1634 Charles called for ship money to be


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