Henry VII - increasing instability.

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Richards reign was dominated by his reputation for being a child murder. He never escaped the cloud of suspicion about what happened to Edward V and his brother in the toweer and the political fall out from the BUCKINGHAM REBELLION.

What did he do during his reign?

- Minor legal reforms. unclear whether this was him or individuals.

- Conciliar measures - legal help for the less well off. It would evolve into the COURT OF REQUESTS under the tudors.

Contemporaries only remember the cruel and violent SUMMARY EXECUTION of Hastings.

His problem was he was only ever seen as a usurper. Sent instructions to Southampton, Windsor and York to crush anyone fueling the rumours that he had poisoned his wife and murdered the princes.

How did Richard use the nobility?

- Avoided relying on the great magnates. they might use power to usurp the throne.

- Chose to rule through minor nobles such as SCROPE OF BOLTON, DACRE, GREYSTOCK AND FITZHUGH.

How did richard keep law and order…


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