AQA As Tudors 1483-1529 12 mark essay


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Order of the course:

Explain why the death of Edward IV caused political instability in England in 1483? 12

·        Edward V = minor only 12y/o cannot rule on his own

·        Two wills (confusing protector) Michael Hicks : ‘it is not clear that Edward IV left the role of protector to his brother Richard (Gloucester) and removed the queens name from the will, all we know is that the executors had changed’

·        Factional rivalry between the Woodville’s and Gloucester’s

·        His death was sudden and unexpected therefore nothing was planned out.

Explain why the duke Buckingham led a rebellion against Richard III in October 1483? *12

·        Hungry for reward he had been granted a lot of land (all lands in Shropshire & Herefordshire) but not been given half the earldom of Herefordshire as promised.

·        Conscience of the death of the princes

·        Convinced by John Morton not to like Richard

·        Buckingham wanted to be king *little evidence


·        He wanted Henry Tudor on the throne

Explain why there were rebellions against Richard III in 1483?

such as the Buckingham rebellion on 1483.

·        Richard was seen as a usurper as he wasn’t the official heir to the crown therefore he was bound to face some sort of consequences

·        Treatment of the woodvilles – putting princes in the tower. removing Hastings for protecting woodvilles

·        Many where unhappy about the war with Scotland as this was expensive and deemed unnecessary.

Explain why Richard III was defeated at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485? 12

 *this question can be answered using long term OR short term answers

·        Henry Tudor has skilled French mercenaries led by Philibert de Chandee who could pull difficult battle manoeuvres

·        Richard made a mistake on the day by leaving his army and trying to charge at Henry Tudor, making him alone responsible for his own death

·        He wasn’t joined by Northumberland or the Stanley brothers.

·        Richard had alienated Nobles and Gentry leading them to support Henry Tudor

·        Richard and his army had their own personal concerns about Richard not being a legitimate heir.

Explain why Henry VII called his first parliament in November 1485? 12

·        He had to declare his throne, reward his most loyal servants (William Stanley = lord chamberlain, John Morton = chancellor of the exchequer, Reginald Bray = senior politicians), he must pass laws, write writs, financial arrangements, reversing Richards previous acts

·        He must claim kingship via Hereditary titles and by the grace of god

·        Legislation eg. Nullification of the illegitimacy of Edward IV’s children (princes)

·        To secure his marriage to Elizabeth of York (very popular amongst the public)

Explain why Henry VII Married Elizabeth of York in 1486? *12  (18th January)

·        He had already promised to…


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