Henry VII Foreign Policy

Henry VII Foreign Policy


  • Pursued a peaceful foreign policy and avoided war
  • Medina Del Campo (1489)- Marriage treaty between Arthur and Catherine of Aragon, tax tarrifs were reduced
  • Treaty of Ayton (1489)- peace with Scotland and Perpetual Peace (1502)- Marriage alliance of Margaret and James IV
  • Treaty of Etaples (1492)- Given 742,000 crowns from France payable at 50,000 crowns a year
  • Strong relations with with papacy, able to change rules on sanctuary
  • Intercrsus Magnus (1496)- Put an end on the trade embargo with Burgandy, England could now trade freely
  • Secured succession had two sons Arthur (1486) and Henry VIII (1491)


  • Brittany Was Lost
  • Treaty of redon (1486) had to supply 6,000 Archers
  • Perkin Warbeck was welcomed into France, Ireland, Burgandy  and the Holy Roman Empire
  • Trade ban with Burgandy
  • Treaty of Windsor (1506) lost £136,000 to Phillip of Burgandy
  • Dowry of Catherine of Aragon was never fully paid only 100,000 was paid
  • Scottish and Warbeck attack on England led to Henry having to Declare War
  • Need for money to fund war led to the cornish rebellion due to taxes


Henry VII Foreign Policy can be seen to be peaceful and a success, this was because Henry was able to avoid war as much as possible, Henry was also able to increase his income through the Treaty of Etaple with france and was able to successfully create peace with scotland and prevent any future invaision in his reign.




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