Henry VII - Content summary

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  • Henry VII
    • Consolidation of Power
      • War of the Roses
      • Battle of Bosworth
      • Issues facing Henry VII
      • Early consolidation & Legitimising rule
      • Early opposition to Henry VII - Lovell and Simnel
      • Was Henry secure by 1487?
      • Character/ aims
    • Use of Government
      • Henry VII and nobility
      • Acts of attainder
      • Bonds and recognizances
      • The council Learned in the law & Star Chamber
      • Royal finances
      • Was Henry VII a miser?
    • Foreign policy
      • The key players in Europe
      • The Breton Crisis
      • Henry VII and Spain
      • Henry VII and Scotland
      • Henry VII and France
      • Henry VII and Trade
      • Later foreign policy
      • How successful was Henry VII's foreign policy?
    • Society
      • What was life like in Tudor England?
      • How was society structured?
      • Lovell & Simnel rebellions
      • Perkin Warbeck rebellion, 1491-97
      • Cornish rebellion 1497
      • Was society more peaceful and stable during Henry's reign?
    • Economy
      • The Hanseatic League
      • The Cloth Trade & the Low Countries
      • Exploration and expanding trade
      • Engrossment and enclosure
      • Farming and cottage industries
      • English Coinage and Henry's reforms
      • Did Henry VII have an impact on the Tudor economy?
    • Religion
      • The power of the Church in English Society
      • Humanism and reformist groups (Lollards ect)
      • The role of the church in the arts and learning
      • Did England have  a renaissance under Henry VII?
      • Did the English church need reform?
    • Henry VII's Legacy
      • Death of Prince Arthur
      • Increasing harsh treatment of the nobility
      • Empson and Dudley
      • The State of the kingdom  HVII inherited
      • What changed the most in the reign of Henry VII?
      • Was Henry VII a good king?




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