Geography Theme 3

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Key Terms

  • Adult literacy - The percentage of the adult population who can read and writ
  • Free trade - When countries trade without any limits to the amount  of goods that can be imported and exported
  • Quaternary industry - Industries such as finance and education
  • Formal occupations - Jobs that receive a regular wage and which are recognized and controlled by the state
  • Primary industry - The extraction of raw materials to be used for manufacturing 
  • Informal sector - Irregular jobs that are not recorded by the state and other types of work
  • Development gap - The difference in wealth between rich and poor countries
  • Knowledge Intensive Industry - Jobs which require high levels of education and training
  • Interdependence - The complex patterns of trade, communication and aid which link different countries together
  • Secondary Industry - The making or manufacturing of goods from raw materials 
  • Globalization - Flows of people, ideas, money & goods linking people together from distant continents 
  • Tertiary industry - Service industries which support people and other economic activities
  • Quotas - Restrictions on the amount of particular…


Lewis Radstone-Stubbs


brilliant, cheers 






This is great, only what is knowledge economy? I think the definition may be wrong '

  • Knowledge economy - Research and development industries such as scientific & poorest countries '

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