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General Theme 1 Notes
24 March 2014 23:06

This theme consists of:

· How the world's population is changing
· What the effects of these changes will be
· Why people move
· Why people become refugees
· How countries can control their population
· What do we mean by…

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Population Definitions
24 March 2014 23:37

Explain population terms

1. Birth rate: No. of live births per 1000 people a year.
2. Death rate: Number of deaths per 1000 people a year.
3. Migration: Number of people moving in or out.
4. Emigrant: Leave your country.
5. Immigrant: Move to…

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Population Growth
24 March 2014 23:41

Why population has grown and the consequences.

People are living longer because:

· Countries are developing - better standards of life
· Better healthcare
· Life expectancy is longer
· Found cures to diseases
· Access to clean water - better living conditions

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Demographic Transition Model
24 March 2014 23:50

NIC - Newly Industrialised Country. This is a country that is
Understand the demographic transition model developing but is not a MEDC yet e.g. Brazil.

Many countries have had a similar pattern of pop. increase over time. Geographers have devised a
model to…

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i. Pop. doesn't increase much
ii. UK in this stage since 1950.
iii. Other MEDCs (USA, France, Japan)
iv. Few LEDCs have reached this stage
5. Declining
a. Death rate could increase
i. Greater amount of pop. elderly
b. Birth rate remains low
i. Lifestyle changes mean people have fewer…

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Population Pyramids
25 March 2014 00:22

Population pyramids are drawn to show % of a country's pop. in different age/sex groups.

Wide base represents a high birth rate
Steeply sloping sides represents a high death rate
A tall pyramid means a high life expectancy
When the pyramid narrows at the…

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25 March 2014 00:17

Key migration definitions Infrastructure: The systems needed to make a region work
efficiently. These include paved roads, communication facilities,
· Urbanisation: Rural to urban power supply, water supplies and sewers.
· Counter-urbanisation: Urban to rural
· International urbanisation: Moving from one country to another

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Urban land use models
25 March 2014 00:34

The Burgess Model

Based his research in Chicago.
Claimed that most cities and town grow outwards from an old centre equally in all directions.

Factories/Industry - Area of

The Hoyt Sector Model

Hoyt developed his model after the introduction of public…

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Dormitory town is the same as a commuter village. People live in a town outside of the city and commute
everyday into the city. They use the town only to sleep in. They socialise only in the city and there tends
not to be a community spirit in the town.…

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26 March 2014 19:18

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