Geography- Tourism

Revision Cards for geography unit 3 - Tourism.

Social Factors That Have Cause A Growth In Global

Increased leisure time - (longer paid holidays, aging population, shorter working week.)

Developments in ICT - (internet and teletext booking, computer reservation systems, global distribution systems eg. Galileo)

Changing customer needs and fashions - (all-inclusive, long haul holidays, theme parks, adventure, holiday camps eg. Butlins, package holidays, longer life span.)

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Economic Factors That Have Cause A Growth In Globa

Transport developments - (Channel tunnel, faster and bigger planes, improved roads and motorways).

Greater wealth - (Minimum wage, two-income families, more disposable income, fewer children).

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Political Factors That Have Cause A Growth In Glob

Relaxation of national boundries - eg. China

Countries now welcome tourists as a source of income - eg. Singapore

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