Catering GCSE - Food Safety and Hygiene Key Words

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Here are some food safety and hygiene key words, I hope they help you,

o-5 degrees C - fridge temprature

-18 degrees C - freezer temprature

70 degrees C+ - safe temprature for hot holding

75 degrees C - safe temprature for cooked food

5-63 degrees C - temprature danger zone

37 degrees C - body temprature/best temprature for bacteria to grow at

Aerobes - organisms that can survive and grow in an oxygenated environment

Anaerobes - any organisms that don't require oxygen for growth

Binary Fission - when bacteria spreads and reproduces through the process of growing and splitting and repeating this

Calibration (Temprature) - accuracy of a measuring instrument e.g. thermometer

Core Temprature - the temprature in the middle of food

Cross Contamination - mixing any bacterias e.g. raw meat and vegetables

Delivery - process of transporting goods

EHO - environmental health officer

Gristle - the fat of an animal

HCIMA - Hotel and Catering International Management Association (now known as the institute of hospitality)

High Risk Foods - food that provides the perfect conditions for the growth and reproduction of microorganisms that contaminate the food and make…


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