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Being an effective consumer
A consumer is someone who:
Buys goods
Uses services
Has responsibilities
Has rights
Has a lot of choices to make

What are goods? Goods are things you have obtained in exchange for money
What are services? E.g. plumber mends dripping tap- service (bus etc.)

Who is…

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You made the mistake e.g. wrong color
You change your mind
You bout the good more than six years ago

Problems when buying goods:
Private sales:
When buying goods privately you do not have the same rights when buying from a
trader. You have no rights to except goods to…

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Food safety
Serve an improvement notice
Close the business
EHO's inspect premises and investigate complaints
Trading standards Aims to inform consumers, encourage honest
office businesses and target rogue traders
TSO's are responsible for:
Enforcing weights and measures act
Investigating complaints from consumers
Testing weighing and measuring equipment's e.g.
petrol stations…

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Rights and Responsibilities
Right to:-information, fair treatment, access to services, choice and to redress
Responsibility to:-read information, know consumer rights, complain effectively,
be an ethical and environmentally aware consumer, manage and budget money and
claim reasonable compensation if things go wrong

Barriers that prevent individuals being effective consumers:

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Per 100g High levels Low levels
Total fat 20g and up 3g and down
Saturated fat 5g and up 1g and down
Sugar 10g and up 2g and down
Sodium 0.5g and up 0.1g and down

Traffic light labelling:
Are used to present information about the product in an easily…


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