Safe food handling

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Handling during storage

  • primary storage of foods must have educated workers and a clean environment
  • transport vehicles for food must be clean and temperature controlled, packaging must remain in tact
  • storage in the fridge must be between 0 -8 degrees, ideally 5 degrees
  • fridge should be clean and temp checked regularly
  • hot food should not be placed in the fridge
  • raw and ready to eat foods kept seperately. Raw meat/fish at the bottom of fridge to stop dripping
  • salads and veg in lidded boxes
  • fridge should not be overloaded
  • freezers below -18 degrees, all frozen food wrapped and dated
  • dry stores free from dampness, cool and well ventilated
  • dry store must have all packaging intact
  • all food must carry a date mark: best before and use by

Safety in food preparation

  • personal hygiene;

cover cuts or grazes, wash…


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