There arae several kinds of chefs:

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Chefs- Head Chef

  • In charge of the kitchen
  • Responsible for all aspects of the food, inlcuding menu planning, costing and hygiene.
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Sous Chef

  • Directly incharge of the production
  • Responsibilites require spending a great deal of time in the office
  • They have many years of experience in the kitchen
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Pastry Chef

  • Prepares the Pastries and the desserts.
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Larder Chef

  • Responsible for cold foods, including Salad dressing and buffet Items.
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Sauce Chef

  • Prepares the Sauces, stews,
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Vegetable chef

  • Prepares vegetables, soup, starches, eggs.
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Assistant Chef

  • Helps in all areas of the kitchen generally doing the easier tasks.
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Kitchen Porter

  • Clean up after the chef, do the washing anf carry goods to and and from the store.
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