The Advantages and Disadvantages of E-commerce


  • Online shopping saves time as it doesn’t take very long to order your products. You could spend five minutes on the computer choosing what you want and then wait for it to be delivered. People will not have to make time in their day to go shopping as they can do it at any time.
  • Many online shopping companies operate 24/7 so that you can order your products at any time.
  • Some products are only sold online and not in shops. So in some ways you have more choice online.
  • You don’t have to leave the house to order your products. This is a particular advantage for old or disabled people who may find it a real struggle to go out to the shops.
  • As you do not have to leave the house you do not need to pay for travel and things such as parking.
  • If many products are being delivered by one van it is more eco friendly.
  • It saves a lot of effort as you can do all your shopping from the computer.
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  • Not everything is sold on the internet. Some products can only be bought from shops so in some ways you have less choice online.
  • There is no communication involved. There is an impact on people’s social lives as they do not see or talk to anyone.
  • You cannot pick the products before you buy them so you may be given a product that you would not normally have picked.
  • Some online shopping companies put in similar foods if what you have ordered is not available. Sometimes these can be not what you wanted and will be a waste of money.
  • It costs to get the items delivered.
  • Not everyone has the internet so some people may not be able to shop online.
  • There are internet hackers and people who can steal your bank details through the internet.
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