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Fairly detailed notes on the digital divide.

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The digital divide between the UK and the World
The digital divide is the gap between people in society who cannot or do not have access
to effective access to digital technology and those who do. Because of the impotence of
technology in our rapidly developing modern life many may feel disadvantaged because
of this.
Causes of lack of access are most common in the U.K. if you:
· Have a low income
· Live in a rural area
· Have weak literacy skills
· Have a disability
· Are elderly
· Are from an ethnic minority
Economic implications:
· People with knowledge of technology and the skills can often use it to their
advantaged to get better-paid jobs
· Online banking allows people to use the facilities of a bank in the comfort of their
· The internet gives people wider access to a wider range of products and services,
which usually promotes and encourages e-commerce
· The internet has led to an increase in e-commerce and globalisation
· People may feel pressured into buying I.C.T equipment and I.C.T systems that
they cannot afford, often resulting into debt
· Countries with less I.C.T infrastructure may be unable to make the most ­
ecommerce often resulting them and globalisation often falling behind at a greater
· Culturally the internet has had a large effect on society, which everyone is
affected by, often causing many problems such as lack of communication between
members through other forms of communication (letters, emails, phone calls
· People can watch catch up television and movies online, on demand which they
have missed
· Cultural/religious influences might dissuade some groups of people from using
ICT which could lead to lack of access, lack of education and an inability for
countries to take part in globalisation potentially also effecting inflation

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· Not having access to certain communications, such as email and instant
messaging and mobile phones can affect social interactions and others self-esteem
very often and potential feelings of depression, loneliness and isolation.
· Some websites can also affect others emotional and physical well-being, there are
many online blogs which promote and even `glamorize' tragic situations such as
anorexia, self-harm and sometimes even suicide.…read more


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