ICT : Unit 1 Living In A Digital World


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Online Goods & Services

E-commerce - sale and purchase over electronic systems

Popular - Sellers & Buyers

Customer RIghts (Consumer Protection Act 2010) 

  • Same Rights as a shop.
  • Statuory 7 day "cooling off" period.
  • 7 day period where you can get a complete refund. 

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Online Goods & Services: Payment

Credit Cards - Company lends you money, buy the item, pay money back at a later date, unitl it is repaid you pay interest.

Debit Cards - Shop takes money rom your account immediately.

Encryption - DATA is translated into a secret code before DATA packets are sen, most effective way to achieve data security.

Vital Info - Name, 16 digit card number, year of issue, expiry year, security digit (last 3 numbers)

PayPal - "third Party Payment Processors"

  • Free
  • no transaction charge
  • details stroed afely
  • fast
  • easy
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Trustworthiness Of A Website


  • Owned by a company that you know
  • Postal Address
  • Landline phone number
  • Padlock in the address bar
  • HTTPS rather than HTTP means it is a secure or encrypted website


  • Offers seem too good to be true
  • Asked for un-necessary info
  • You are asked to provide a credit card number without proof that the transaction is secure
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Advantages/Disadvantages of Online Shopping


  • 24/7
  • far greater choice
  • not restricted to the local area
  • compare prices and products
  • convenience


  • Delievery costs - price/delievery office
  • Can't try before you buy
  • hassle of returning
  • credit/debit cards
  • Not everybody has internet acces
  • Not everybody has computer skills
  • different in real life
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Advantages/Disadvantages of Online Shopping To The


  • Employee costs go down
  • no shop costs
  • volume of goods keeps prices down - supplier discount
  • worldwide
  • 24/7
  • warehouse on cheap land not town
  • less shoplifting


  • Specialist ICT knowledge for site
  • INternet access
  • Virus'
  • DATA could be targeted by hackers
  • Unemployment (redundancy payments)
  • network failure
  • online payment
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Data Processing

Data can be processed in the following ways:

  • Real Time
    • data processed immediately
    • eg. cinema tickets, flights etc.
  • Batch Processing
    • processed all in one go
    • large volumes
    • regular intervals
    • employees wages
  • Interactive Processing
    • processed as needed
    • telephone transaction for example
  • Transaction Processing
    • individual files are brought up to date as needed
    • updating someone cancelling a magazine subscriptions.
    • opposite to Batch Processing
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Personalisation Techniques & Targeted Marketing

Group of customers that the business is aimed at

targeted by - email, mail merge or leaflets etc.

Personalisation - technology to accommodate and target the differences between individuals. There are 3 categories: 

    • Profile/Group Based
    • Behavior Based (Wisdom of the crowds)
    • Collaboration based

3 broad methods of personalizations:

    • Implicit - personalisation is performed by the webpage based on the profile of the user
    • Explicit - is changed by the user using the features provided
    • Hybrid- combines the above 2 to leverage the best of both.

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Transactional Data

Stock Master File - permanent file with details of all items bought or sold by the business, including stock level.

Transactional File - Is a temporary file of recent sales and purchases. Transaction file is used to update the master file.

Transaction File


Validated transaction file


Sorted transaction file Stock Master File


Sales Reports Updated File Stock Master

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Education & Training

Advantages of ICT

  • Interests, motivates & makes learning more enjoyable
  • Good revision and homework aid
  • Coursework is enhanced 
  • Distance Learning
  • CAL - computer aided learning (enjoyable way of learning new skills)

VLE - Virtual Learning Environment

  • Complete course online
  • set of tools that allows teacher to set up materials, links and feedback
  • work through at own pace
  • helpful for absent students
  • tutorials
  • assesments
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