ICT - E-commerce

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  • E-commerce
    • Online Shopping
      • Advantages:
        • For customers=
          • Delivered directly to your home
          • Price comparison
          • You may have kids, live far or are disabled
          • Large range of goods
          • Saves time and cost of travel
        • For businesses=
          • Only have to pay for the warehouse
          • Sell worldwide
      • Dis-advantages:
        • For customers=
          • Time waiting
          • Can only see an item
          • Food may not be fresh
          • Need a card
          • Postage & packaging cost
        • For businesses=
          • Maintain a website
          • Security on customer's card details
          • Have to rely on postage companies to deliver the goods
    • =buying or selling goods or services over the internet.
    • Searching for products
      • Careful choice of words to ensure the range of choices you get are specific to your needs.
    • Online accounts
      • Provide a username, password and email address. These things must be verified a second time so that you are using the correct details.
    • Booking online
      • Advantages:
        • For businesses=
          • No high street shops needed
          • Attracts a wider range of customers
        • For customers=
          • No double-booking
          • Fast response
          • Can be done at any time
          • Links to customer ratings
          • Cheaper
          • Less chance of error
      • Dis-advantages:
        • For customers=
          • Not everyone has the facilities/ what you want
          • Need a card
        • For businesses=
          • System needed is costly
          • Agencies may close due to it being online
          • Package holiday firms may close as customers can now create their own tours


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