Shelter ♥

End of year 8 English Exam- How does Swindells present the character of Shelter? ♥

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Stone Cold

Question: How does Swindells present the character of Shelter?

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Introduction ♥

-Say title of the book and who wrote it

-Introduce the character of Shelter to the reader

-Say what you will be talking about in the essay

-Talk about shelters mission- not too much. Remember- this is only the introduction!!

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Paragraph 1♥

Mental Illness♥

-Short, jumpy sentences- 'Shelter. Yes. I like it.'

-Army experience-> controlled orders, still acts like he is in the army and is superior.- 'Daily routine orders'

INTELIGENT- 'everyone makes a mistake. Eventually. But I wont'.......

Hatred of beggars 'Dossers and Junkies' 'No mummys boys after I was through with them'.

Chooses an ironic name- 'Shelter'

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Paragraph 2♥


Suspects everyone of havig ulterior motives.

'But I know why they really chucked me out....'

'It has been going on for a while now, and they think that I dont know, but I do...'

'Everyone is in on it....'

Thinks that he is superior than everyone else and never suspects a mental illness 'Medical grounds it says on the chit. But nothings wrong with me! Nothing! Im 47 and fir a a butchers dog'. They could have possible fired him because they were aware of his mental illness.

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Paragraph 3♥

Dark Humor♥

Shelter thinks that he is superior to everyone, and that everyone looks up to him, or should do. He thinks of himself as a god, who controls the world, who had the power, and who can get away with everything. 'Youre a handsome devil'

Shelter uses a lot of dark humor and likes to think of himself as a comedian- 'Killings easy. DEAD easy'.And he chooses an ironic name for himself- 'Shelter', because thats exactly the opposite of what he is giving.

He twists his interpritation of the army into sick humour, such as 'arranging the boddies in the army way, with the smallest on the left', he 'gave them haircuts', and wanted to 'get them some proper army boots because they were all wearing those scruffy trainer things'.

He says that his 'recruits' are better off now because 'now they were neither cold or hungry'.

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Dont put in any more information.

Sum up the how swindells was trying to present shelter, and how you interprited him.

Try to end it quickly, and dont ramble.

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