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Notes on shelter from stone cold.

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Shelter Revision notes
Fact file:
1. Shelter is 47 years old.
2. Serial Killer.
3. Plans murders very carefully to make sure that the police do not pick up a trail.
4. Ex sergeant major.
5. Kicked out of the army because he was `mentally unstable'.
6. Dislikes homeless people, drug addicts and other scruffy people.
7. He wants to recruit a dead army.
8. Prepares carefully for the killings and stores all of the bodies under the floorboards.
9. Justifies the killing by saying that a solider is allowed to kill so why can't he.
10. He kills because he has no care for homeless people, he thinks they have no value
11. Shelter calls his victims `The Camden Horizontals'
12. Cut their hair short, and bought them all army boots to make them look
13. Shelter calls all of the homeless people dossers.
14. Thinks he is doing the country a favour by cleaning up the "Garbage"
15. Shelter is mentally insane yet clever by making no pattern of killings.


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