Writing To Persuade

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When writing to persuade, you must use the 'PERSUADE' techniques to help make your writing more interesting. Using 'PERSUADE', you will get higher marks.

P      Power of Three

E      Emotive Language

R      Rhetorical Questions

S      Say Again

U      Undermine Opposing Views

A      Anecdote

D      Direct Address

E      Exaggeration/Evidence

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Persuasive Essay

This is the main structure of a persuasive essay. If you stick to this, it will be much easier to write.

Introduction Paragraph = Introduce your argument fiercely, state what you think and why everyone else should think it too. Make it clear to your audience what you're talking about. Include some statistics. Include 'P, R, S, D and E'.

Main Body Paragraphs = Describe well, in three paragraphs, the main reasons for your argument. Criticize the other views and share experiences with your audience. Include 'P, E, R, S, U, A, D and E'.

Summary Paragraph = Conclude all your reasoning, summarise everything and repeat the strongest points. Use the emotive language to tell your reasons why they need to agree with you. Repeat the statistics. Include 'E, D, R and E'.

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