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Simile = Asimilie works by comparing two things, usally linking them with like or as.

e.g 'the frpg was like a saffron blanket soacked in ice water'theis makes all writing more interwsting and it is even mor afective in poems.

 Metaphor = ameta- dose much the same job but brings even more  close togetherthe two things beying compared by saying that on thing is another noy like another. This way the picture is even more vivid.

E.G = 'A thin worn of smoke srose from the chimne' in this egsample it shows how that the smok is wigily the same as a worm. 

personificatio = this is when you give somthing not living life like a person.

E.G= 'the waves whent up and down as if they were breathing ' that has somthing to do with life because waves dont breath but living things do.                                                                                                                               

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Aliteration = this is you write a word and the first letter of that word is repeted and enthersized.

E.G = t'he crazy caterpillar fell of the wall' this is helpful in writing because it makes the writing more interesting aspecialy when it is in poems.

Onomatopeia = this is when the word you are writing actuelly sounds thike the word it is ment to represent.

E.G = 'the doorbell went ding dong' this is good because aswell as the describing giving you a good picture you can also have sonuds to help aswell this is good in poems.

Assonence =  this occores when we have used words with the same vowels

E.G = 'boung and brown'


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good information but your spelling lets you down

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