Revision Flash Cards For RE GCSE's Part Two

Topics three and four for the 2012 exam in religion and life issues.

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Topic Three: Looking for meaning


Evidence in Holy Books

Religious experiences




No physical evidence or proof

Scientific explanatians 

Suffering in the world


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Religion in secular society - Yes

Provides stability and community

Answers challenging questions

Provides support and guidance

Gives morals on how to act

Religion in Secular society - No

More intreseted in other things

Science explains the world not religion

Which religion is the right one?

Many ignore the teachings of religion

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How do people experience God?

Holy Books/ Sacred Texts

Natural world

Religious teachings


Religious experiences/ Miracals 

How do people resond to God?

Vocation - Vicar/Monk/Nun

Worship Prayer

Change lifestyle as a commitment



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Christianity Trinity

3 in 1 - Understood in three forms

God as the father- Spiritual

God as Jesus- Human

God as the holy spirit - Acting in the world

Hundu Trimurti

Brahman - God/ Supreme spirit

Trimurti - Three main gods to understand

Brahman (Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva)

Murtis - Statues/ Images of Gods

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Muslim God - Allah

Tawhid - belief in oneness of God

99 names - To understand Allah

Subhahs - String of prayer beads to help remember the 99 names

Death and afterlife - Christianity

Funerals - Cremation/Burial, church service, hymns, prayers, commital "ashes to ashes; dust to dust"


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Death and afterlife - Hinduism

Funeral - 24 hours, body washed and prepared, eldest son, priest, cremation, ashes scattered into running water.

Reincarnation - Atman, moksha, many lives

Death and Afterlife - Islam

Funerals - Prayers from the Qur'an, shahdah, washing of the body, shroud, 24 hours, only men, mosque, imam, bried period of grief.

Jannat (paradise) Jahannam (hell)

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Topic Four: Our World

Creation- Christianity

Genesis, Bible

6 days, 7th day of rest

Periods of creation

Exnihilo - From Nothing

Creation- Non-literalness

God did create the world

Not in 7 24hour days

Bible account poetic not factual

Periods of creation - millions of years

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Big Bang Theory 


Natural selection - survival of the fittest

Evidence and Fact


Something we are good at

Sport, Music, Listening, Not judging

Entertain, Help others, raise awareness, teach others, fight against injustice.

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Talents - Religious Views

Duty to use talents and care for others

Talents help show compassion

Talents thank God for what he provided

Talents can benefit others

Purpose Of Humans - Christianity

Respect yourself and others, worship god 

good steward

Marry, have sexual relationship and a family

Reduce poverty, fight injustice

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What makes us human?

Mortality - Right and Wrong 

Change enviroment

Abilities to learn

To search for a meaning in life

Soul - Christianity

Connection to God

Freewill, responsible for actions, show love and compassion, emotions and minds

Relates to God, moves on after death.

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God given right to look after and care for the world

Dominion- to rule over

Leading lives correctly and actions show stewardship

Chico Mendes

Christian steward, Brazil

Fought against deforestation, organised events, non violence

Achieved goal but shot dead.

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Animals - Christianity and Judaism

Part of Gods creation - care for them

Human stewardship includes animals

No pain to living things

Jews - Food Laws

Noah Project - Islam

Promotes education, celebration and action

Encourages environmental responsibility

Projects caring for the enviroment

Political action.

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