christianity gcse revision to get A*

this is what i used for my exams so it should be useful as ive been getting A and A* in my mocks!!

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Christian attitudes towards sexual relationship:
Most Christians believe that sex is a gift given by God to create a new family, so it is wrong to
have casual sex.
Although many Christians would prefer sexual relationship to be within marriage as it brings a
stable and loving environment for the children, there are also many who believe that pre-marital
sex is ok as long as the couple are planning to marry later on.
Catholic Christians believe that people should remain a virgin until married and promote
abstinence to young people.
They believe that it is wrong for a couple to cohabit.
Liberal Protestants and the Church of England believe that it is alright for a couple to cohabit
as long as they are committed to each other and planning to marry later on. What matters most
is the quality of a relationship.
No Christians would accept adultery as it goes against the 7th commandment which commands
"you shall not commit adultery".
It involves deceit and cause suffering, as it breaks the vows made in front of God during
marriage not to have sex with anyone else but their partner.
Christian attitudes towards same sex relationship
Catholics are against same sex couples because God only intended men and women to have a
relationship as in the Old Testament it forbids same sex relationship as it said "if a man lies
with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable".
The Quakers accept homosexuals who are sexually active, and give them a blessing after a civil
partnership as god said to "treat others as you want to be treated".
The Church of England varies in response as some will hold a blessing ceremony while other will
Christian attitudes towards contraception:
Catholics believe that sex is a gift given by God to have children, so therefore they are
against any form of artificial contraception (e.g. condom, pill, and the coil). Sex should
always be opened to God's gift of a baby. "Go fourth and multiply"
Nevertheless they are ok with any natural methods of birth control such as the rhythm
method as it still allows the chance of a baby.
Most other Christians believe that even though it is important to have children, it is
commonsense to want to limit the size of a family due to concern for the rapid growing
population or even due to financial aspect.
Provided that both partners agree, any form of contraception is alright, as sex should be
enjoyed without having to worry about unwanted pregnancy.
Most Christians are against sterilisation as a form of contraception as this prevents a
couple from ever having a baby.
Christian attitudes to marriage:
Marriage is a sacrament as God is present.
It is blessed by God.
It is for uniting a couple like Christ and the church is united. "god created them male and
female... the two will unite and become one"
It is "consummated" by the couple making love.

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It is for creating a family by creating children.
Catholics believe that marriage is one of the seven sacraments.
One way in which people can see the bond God creates with people.
The love between the husband and the wife shows something of the love of God
Most Christians believe that marriage is a gift from God like the Church of England.…read more

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The roles of men and women within a Christian family:
Traditional Christian views (some Catholics and other Christians):
Men are the breadwinners of the family who are in charge of the house and set the rules up.
The stronger sex as God created Adam first. "The husband is the head of the wife"
Women should support and obey their husbands "wife should submit to the husband"
They are the weaker sex as it was Eve who allowed the snake to lead her.…read more

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Vows- a solemn promise
Family- a group of people closely related to each other through blood
Faithfulness- similar to fidelity so the quality of being faithful
Marriage- The lifelong sacred relationship between a woman and a man typically recognised by the law
Divorce- the legal ending of a marriage
Annulment- a marriage terminated by the church because it was not valid
Re-marriage- the act of marrying again usually after a divorce or annulment
Adultery- having sex with someone who you are not married to
Irretrievable…read more

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Christians must share their wealth with God and be prepared to give up everything they
have for god "if you want to be perfect, go and sell all you have and give the money to the
Christian beliefs into action
supporting charities by donating money and clothing to them
working in charity shop
Working overseas in a developing country to teach them new skills- can be a gap year.…read more

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Any job that seems to have a good impact on people is seen as moral. However anything that can
damage somebody's life by anyways ways would be considered as immoral. Most Christians would
also try not to work on Sunday as God also rested on the 7th day.…read more

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