GCSE RE Full Revision Notes

RE Revision notes including:
-Key words
-Rights and Responsibility
-Peace and Conflict
-Environmental and Medical Issues
-Crime and Punishment 
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Section 1:
Rights and Responsibilities
Bible the holy book of Christians
Church the community of Christians ( with a lover case `c' is means the Christ
place of worship)
Conscience an inner feeling of rightness and wrongness of an action
The Decalogue the ten commandments
Democratic Processes a way in which all citizens can take part in government (elections)
Electoral Processes the ways in which voting is organised
The Golden Rule Jesus's teaching to treat others the way you would want to be treated
Human Rights the rights and freedoms to which everyone is entitled to
Political Party a group which tries to be elected into power on the basis of its policie
(labour, conservative)
Pressure Group a group formed to influence government policy on a particular issue
Situation Ethics the idea that Christians should base moral decisions on what is the mo
loving thing to do
Social Change the way in which society has changed and is changing (also includes th
possibility of future change)
Section 2:
Environmental and Medical Issues
Artificial Insemination injecting semen into uterus artificially
Conservation protecting and preserving natural resources and environment
Creation the act of creating the universe or the created universe
Embryo fertilised egg first 8 weeks after conception
Environment habitat which plant and animals depend on

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Global Warming increased temperature of the earths atmosphere
Infertility unable to have children
IVF the method of fertilising a human egg in a test tube
Natural Resources naturally occurring materials which can be used by humans
Organ Donation giving organs for use in transplant surgery
Stewardship looking after something that can be passed on to next generation
Surrogacy an arrangement where a women bears children on behalf of another
woman.…read more

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Section 3:
Peace and Conflict
Aggression attacking without provocation
Bullying intimidating/frightening those weaker than yourself
Conflict Resolution bringing a fight or struggle to a peaceful conclusion
Exploitation taking advantage of weaker group
Forgiveness stop blaming someone and/or pardoning their mistake
Just War a war which is fought for the right reasons and in the right way
Pacifism a belief that all disputes should be solved by peaceful means
Reconciliation bringing together opposed people
Respect treating a person or their feelings with consideration
The United…read more

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Justice due allocation of reward and punishment or the maintenance of
what is right
Law rules made by parliament and enforced by courts
Reform the idea that punishments should change criminals to stop them
committing crimes
Rehabilitation restore to normal life
Responsibility being responsible for ones actions
Retribution the idea that punishments should make criminals pay for wrongi
Sin an act against the will of god
Section 1: Rights and Responsibility
Christianity: The 4 factors that influence a Christians moral decision
Some Christians use just…read more

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Catholics: Main Authority=Church
Because the Magisterium applies the Church and Bible teaching to modern life
However, they may be unable to apply to certain things (e.g. Church's ban on artificial
contraceptives, Church only forbids homosexual sex not being homosexual)
So they might use situation ethics or their conscience to make a moral decision
instead.…read more

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Protect against discrimination- Christians shouldn't be disadvantaged in comparison to
others (e.g. not being given a job because the workplace doesn't allow religious people)
Christianity: Why some Christian disagree with certain Human Rights
The right to form civil partnerships- Bible says homosexuality is against Gods will
The right to marry a person of different faith- They believe couple should be Christian to
bring up good Christian children.…read more

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Our ancestors fought for the right to vote, we should use it
-If we don't use our right a bad government could come into power and treat us badly
Christianity: Why most Christian believe they should take part in
Democratic and Electoral Processes
The Golden Rule- Christian must use the Gold Rule while voting because if a party wanted to
send all asylum seekers back to their home country, a Christian would have to think, would
they like being sent back to a war torn…read more

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Genetic cures are the same as drug cures
-There's a difference between creating cells and creating people
-Embryos are not foetuses until 14 days
-They agree with the non-religious arguments in favour
Roman Catholics and some other Christians
Agree with Genetic Engineering as long as there's no embryos used.…read more

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Christianity: Environment
All Christians believe:
-Natural world is God's creation therefore holy and precious
-Environment must be looked after
-Humans have stewardship of the environment
-Earthly resources must be shared fairly
They believe this because:
-Bible teaches God created the world therefore it must be respected
-Jesus teaches (in the Parable of Talents) Christians should leave the world better than
it was found
-Teaching of Jesus to share Earthly goods
However, they also believe:
-Humans are placed in control of the World
-Bible teaches resources…read more

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Fertility Treatment:
Egg taken from mother's womb, fertilised in test tube, put back in womb
-Artificial Insemination by Husband (AIH)
Husband's sperm put in wife's womb medically
-Artificial Insemination by Donor (AID)
Unknown man's sperm put in wife's womb medically
-Egg Donation
Unknown woman's egg, husband's sperm, IVF, put in womb
-Embryo Donation
Unknown egg and sperm, IVF, put in wife's womb
Another woman's womb is used
Christianity: Fertility Treatments
Roman Catholics and some other Christians ban all embryo technology because:
-Fertilisation doesn't…read more


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