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The Need for Law and Justice
Crime ­ an act against the law
Judgement ­ the act of judging people and their
Justice ­ due allocation of reward and punishment/
the maintenance of what is right.
Law ­ rules made by Parliament and enforceable by
the courts…read more

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Law & Justice
Humans live in communities, and any
community needs rules outlining acceptable
behaviour. Laws consist of the rules that
govern human relationships and guide people
as to how they should behave towards each
What might a life without rules be like?…read more

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Why are Laws Needed?
Humans live in groups and groups need rules to organise
the behaviour of individuals. Laws let us know what types
of behaviours are allowed.
Laws let us work and be involved in business without
being ripped off. Imagine working on a Satrday and not
being paid!
Laws protect the weak from the strong. Imagine if
stealing, rape and murder were allowed.
Advanced civilisations like the UK need laws to keep
everything organised.…read more

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Law & Justice
Law and justice work on the understanding of action and
consequence. (If you do...then...will happen)
St Thomas Aquinas said that an unjust law
was not a proper law. This is because:
If a law is unjust people will feel it right
to break the law.
If a law does not give justice to people,
people may start to take the law into
their own hands.…read more

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Law & Justice
If people think the legal system is not working then they
might start a civil war like when Kosovans started to fight
back after their independence was denied.
People will campaign against unjust
laws causing trouble for society e.g.
when Black Rights activists
campaigned for equality in the USA in
the 1960's.…read more

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