Revision notes for Religious Studies GCSE: OCR, Philosophy 2.

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- Good and Evil

- Religion, Reason and Revelation

- Religion and Science

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Revision for Religious Education Philosophy.
Good and Evil
Agape = Christian Love. It is love Evil = This word is used to
shown to another person no matter describe something which is very
who they are, what they have bad or morally wrong. Natural Evil
done, or whether the love is = events which happen in nature.
returned or not. An example of this Moral Evil = evil which people do
is Jesus dying on the cross. to each other.
Devil/Satan = The being who is the Faith = Trust and belief in
opposite of God, he represents something for which there is no
evil. evidence.
Freewill = This means that people Moral Behaviour = Someone
have a choice to follow God or behaves morally when they lead a
disobey God. life without sin ­ when they do not
go against the teachings of God
and Jesus.
Moral Code = The right way to Origins = `The Beginnings'. Origins
behave 10 commandments. of evil describe how evil entered
God's creation.
Original sin = This refers to the The Fall = Refers to the Original
first sin in the world which was Sin. The world fell away from God
done by Adam and Eve when they and good and the door to heaven
disobeyed God and took the fruit. was closed. Jesus' death on the
Babies are baptised to take this cross reopened the door.
sin away.
Redemption = This is the word Repentance = This is an act of
given to the act of delivering or saying sorry and truly meaning it,
saving someone from evil. Jesus, while at the same time showing
by dying on the cross, caused the that the wrong action will never be
redemption of humankind because repeated. The person will try and
his death conquered evil and make up for the wrong action
washed away human sin. committed.
Suffering = This happens because
of evil ­ it is the pain, torment and
agony which people feel.
Emotional, Mental, Religious and
Christians believe he is good because he is allloving and all powerful. He is good
because he created the world for people to live in ­ his creation was perfect and `all
good' until Adam and Eve disobeyed him and let evil and death. He came down to
Earth in the form on Jesus to die on the cross so that people's sins can be forgiven

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He sends miracles to help people in need.
He is people's strength and comfort in times of trouble. Christians believe at the
end of the time evil will be conquered once and for all by the goodness of God.
Some Christians believe Evil can be Satan 0n ­ he brought evil into God's good
world. The Medieval Church used the devil as a way to frighten people into
behaving as the Church wanted them to.…read more

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The Problem of Evil
There is a problem with evil for many people, especially Christians. Christians
believe in an omnibenevolent (allloving) and omnipotent (allknowing) God yet evil
exists (the inconsistent triad). There are two logical reasons: God is
omnibenevolent but not omnipotent which is why evil exists OR God is omnipotent
but not omnibenevolent which is why evil exists. Both these arguments make sense
but, to Christians, it wouldn't fit.…read more

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Sources of Morality
So, how do people know right from wrong? The most important tool is our
conscience! We usually 'feel' what's right and what's wrong during a situation and
that 'feeling' is our conscience. Christians believe that our conscience is created by
God because He is morally perfect. Christians will also look to the Bible and their
faith in Jesus as sources of morality. These can also be used when they are trying
to cope with suffering.…read more

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believe that it is up to people to help other people, who are suffering, `Love they
Atonement/ Forgiveness/ Redemption
Atonement means `at one with' God. This is about humans making up with God for
their sins and becoming one with him again. Christians believe: God has not
abandoned mankind to evil ­ he came to Earth as Jesus to die on the cross so that
Adam and Eve's sin (original sin) could be forgiven. Jesus' death conquered sin
and Jesus' resurrection conquered death.…read more

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General revelation
Indirect experience is available to everyone through nature, through a person's
reason, conscience or sense of right and wrong.
Strengths of General Revelation
It is indirect and available to everyone whereas special revelation is only for
individuals or groups who receive it.
It has been available to everyone at all times and in all places whereas special
revelation happens at a specific time and place.…read more

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Relationships = Connection between Stewardship = Means look after i.e. The
something. World.
Survival of the Fittest = refers to
Darwin's belief in evolution and the fact
that animals or species adapted to the
environment they lived in. The stronger
more adaptable animals survived whilst
the weaker ones died out.…read more

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How do others interpret the stories of creation?
Some atheists have argued that the reason the universe seems designed for
humans is simply because humanity has evolved to live in its conditions
People and Animals
What do Christians believe about animals?
According to Genesis, animals were created before humans. Therefore, Christians
believe that humans have a responsibility of Stewardship over animals the belief
that humans should act as caretakers towards animals 'The Lord God...…read more

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Evolution upsets some Christians because they believe mankind was made in a
special way for a special purpose of God and if mankind has evolved from Apes
this might mean that mankind is not so important.
· Fundamentalists believe that because the Bible is the literal word of God (every
word is true) science cannot be right.…read more


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