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Revision for Religious Education Philosophy.
Good and Evil
Agape = Christian Love. It is love Evil = This word is used to
shown to another person no matter describe something which is very
who they are, what they have bad or morally wrong. Natural Evil
done, or whether the love…

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and they can go to heaven after death. He sends miracles to help people in need.
He is people's strength and comfort in times of trouble. Christians believe at the
end of the time evil will be conquered once and for all by the goodness of God.


Some Christians…

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The Problem of Evil
There is a problem with evil for many people, especially Christians. Christians
believe in an omnibenevolent (allloving) and omnipotent (allknowing) God yet evil
exists (the inconsistent triad). There are two logical reasons: God is
omnibenevolent but not omnipotent which is why evil exists OR God is…

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Sources of Morality
So, how do people know right from wrong? The most important tool is our
conscience! We usually 'feel' what's right and what's wrong during a situation and
that 'feeling' is our conscience. Christians believe that our conscience is created by
God because He is morally perfect. Christians…

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they will use prayer and repentance as a way of accepting their suffering. They
believe that it is up to people to help other people, who are suffering, `Love they

Atonement/ Forgiveness/ Redemption
Atonement means `at one with' God. This is about humans making up with God for

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General revelation
Indirect experience is available to everyone through nature, through a person's
reason, conscience or sense of right and wrong.

Strengths of General Revelation
It is indirect and available to everyone whereas special revelation is only for
individuals or groups who receive it.
It has been available to everyone…

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Revelation of God in the person of Jesus
Christians believe that God is the three persons of the Trinity God came to Earth in
the form of a human being ­ in the person of Jesus in order to reveal his nature
(forgiveness and love) and his wishes. Jesus is…

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because there are certain elements in shows how humans were created and
the world which could only be explained how they let sin into the world.
by an intelligent designer and not by
Relationships = Connection between Stewardship = Means look after i.e. The
something. World.

Survival of the…

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How do others interpret the stories of creation?
Some atheists have argued that the reason the universe seems designed for
humans is simply because humanity has evolved to live in its conditions

People and Animals
What do Christians believe about animals?
According to Genesis, animals were created before humans. Therefore,…

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· Evolution upsets some Christians because they believe mankind was made in a
special way for a special purpose of God and if mankind has evolved from Apes
this might mean that mankind is not so important.
· Fundamentalists believe that because the Bible is the literal word of God…


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