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Topics One and Two Flashcards for Religion and Life Issues, for the GCSE exam 2012.

Topic One: Relationships


Eros - Sexual physical love between a couple for example.

Philia - Love of friends and family 

Agape - Unconditional love

Storge - affection towards family members (or the bond between animals and their young.

Commitments And Responsibilities

Commitment - Is somthing you chose to do

Responsibility - Is somthing that you ought to do

Religious Believers - Community

Guidelines - 10 Commandments

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Role And Purpose Of Sex

-Sex is a gift from God

-Sex should only be shared between a man and a woman

-Sex should be within marriage

-Sex brings two people together and is a physical expression of love.


Catholics - Believe in natural methods only as it stops potential conception.

Other Christians - Believe that family planning is important but only if both partners consent.

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Christian marriage ceremony

Church, Bride, Groom, Vicar, Guests

Vows, Rings, Signing marriage register in the presence of two witnesses.

Hymns, Prayers and Bible readings

Impediments, Purpose of marriage

Jewish marriage ceremony

Chuppah, Synagogue, Bride and Groom

Rabbi, Union, Ketubah

Breaking glass, Drinking of wine

Prayers, Yorah, Music and Blessings

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Is Marriage Out Of Date - Yes

Cohabitation- Many prefer this

Society is changing - Attitudes and Beliefs

Marriage is expensive

Increase in divorce

Is Marriage Out Of Date - No

Many still choose to marry

Basis for family life

Sign of commitment



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Why Do Some Marriages Fail?

Abuse - Physical and emotional


Pressures of work and children

Alcohol, Drugs and Unemployment

Remarriage - Christianity

"until death do us part" vow is broken

Catholics don't accept divorce and therefore remarriage

Broken sacrament of marriage with God

Some allow it but not in church

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Same Sex Relationships

Controversial for Christians - Marriage is one man and one woman.

Some believe teachings need to adapt to suit today's society

Importance Of Family

Children and marriage go together

Family unit continues faith traditions

Provides stability for raising children

"Go forth and multiply" teaching.

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Topic Two - Is It Fair?

Wants And Needs

Want- Something we would like

Need- Something necessary for survival

Human Dignity

Belief that all humans are worthy of honour and respect.

Humans have emotion, mortality and a soul

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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Equality - Christianity

All humans are equal- Adam and Eve

Made in God's own image

Jesus taught about equality (women and lepers)

All of God's creation

Equality - Islam

All humans are equal but different 

Ummah - Community

Men and women have different roles

Praying shoulder to shoulder, Hajj

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Wealth - Christianity

Gift from God

No gambling, charging interest

Follow the example of Jesus - Charitable work

Tithe - 10% of income goes to the church

Wealth - Buddhism 

Wealth does not guarantee happiness

Balance between wealth and poverty

Monks - Do not possess money

Karma - Charitable Acts 

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Fighting Injustice

Charity work

Peaceful methods

Praying, Collecting money, Petitions, Protest, Marches and Campaigning

Religious Charities

Christian Aid - Teachings of Jesus

Muslim Aid - Social Responsibilities 

Rokpa - Kindness

Salvation Army - Helping others

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Christian Aid

Practical benefits, aid change, fight injustice

Africa, Mozambique

HIV/AIDS victims, weapons, farm equitment

Self sufficiency

Prejudice and Discrimination

Making Judgement, Pre-judging

Acting on prejudice, treating differently

Race, Education, How they look

Upbringing, Peer Pressure, influenced

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Prejudice and Discrimination

Example of Jesus

Jesus treating of women

All equal - Made in the image of God

Good Samaritian


Unfair Treatment 


Human Rights Ignored

No Equality

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