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Brief notes explaining what the topics are about and the importance.

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Seal of Prophet

  • Seal means to close
  • Messengers and prophets have been throughout this time
  • Messages were lost and destroyed
  • Prophets helped reveal messages from Allah

Importance of Prophet Muhammad (PM)...

  • Live life according to Allah's will
  • Role model to humanity
  • Taught how to live/behave in life
  • Faithful and submissive servant to Allah
  • Taught how to keep on the straight path

Importance of belief...

  • PM =completed word of Allah... End channel communication
  • Global Prophet - Global messenger
  • For all times, people and places
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Qur'an - Authority

  • Qur'an is the word of Allah
  • 114 surahs
  • 6000+ verses
  • All surahs except surah 9 starst with 'Bismillah'


  • It is the true word of Allah - other books have been tampered with
  • Brought by the final Prophet
  • First Miracle - Prophet was UNLETTERED
  • Helps to understand Allah's qualities
  • Book of guidance for the straight path
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Qur'an - Respect

  • Before touching, ritual washing
  • Clear intentions
  • When reading - musn't eat, drink etc
  • When not readin - placed on high shelf


  • Qur'an is the book of guidance = instructions are there to follow
  • Listen, understand and apply the teachings
  • Following the example of the Prophet Muhammad
  • Not to turn our back on the qur'an (literally, and also meaning not to forget the message)
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Shariah Laws

  • Islamic Law based on the Qu'ran and the Sunnah
  • Keeps muslims on the straight path
  • Collection of rules
  • If they're followed = Heaven


  • PM said Allah doesn't accept beliefs unless in action
  • Allah is aware of what you do
  • Everyone will be judged on Beliefs, Deeds and Intentions
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  • Worlwide muslim community - come from different backgrounds, races etc btu ALL belive in ISLAM


  • Encourages people to follow Islam
  • Unites muslims around the world
  • Reflects the one-ness of Allah
  • Gives help and strength to individuals
  • All are in equal in the sight of Allah

Examples of Ummah...

  • At Prayer - Face the SAME direction
  • Reading the Qu'ran - ALL read the SAME language - Arabic
  • Give Zakah - Give to ALL
  • go on Hajj - SAME clothing
  • Shariah - Follow SAME path & laws
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Mosque Features

  • World place for prostration
  • Quiet - no distractions
  • Mosques - purpose built depending on population
  • Dome - space/idea of the universe that Allah created
  • Minaret - worshipers called to prayer/Tawhid/Greatness & submission to Allah
  • Minbar - sermon = Submision to Allah
  • Mihrab - direction, focus, ummah
  • Caligraphy - reminds worshippers of Allah's guidance -message
  • Men & women in separate areas
  • Quiet = reflects Islam - peace, tranquility
  • No pics = Eliminates idolatory, Focuses on Allah alone
  • Purity = Dirt and bustle is left outside the mosque
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Mosque - Role

  • Place of worship and congregational/individual prayers
  • Community centre - funerals, weddings, youth centre etc
  • Madrasah - Children learn islam, arabic,Qu'ran
  • Other facilities - Library, shariah advice, counselling


  • Sense of identity part of the ummah
  • A feeling of community = talk, meet up
  • Encourage faith - establish community cohesion
  • A place to proclaim Islam - Share way of life
  • A place of education/learning
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Mosque - Role of Imam

  • Leads 5 daily prayers
  • Gives speeches/sermons
  • Holds funeral services,weddings
  • Teaches children/adults about Islam/Qu'ran/Arabic
  • Visits people in hospitals/prison/counsel/supports


  • Teaches young about Islam to keep on the straight path
  • Helps apply Shariah teachings
  • Imam extends the ummah = guidance
  • Imam ensures the message of Islam is kept pure
  • Represents muslim community i.e.:dealing with political/religious groups
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  • Since the death of PM no clear successor was chosen
  • Sunni's- Abu Bakr, close companion of PM-wise
  • Shiah's- Cousin, son-in-law, bloodline of PM
  • Shiah's believe PM's cousin was chosen by Allah to lead after PM's death

Differences between them...

  • Shahadah - Shiah's end with "Ali friend of Allah"
  • Salah - Shiah's place a clay rock & and prostate on it
  • Zakah - Shiah's give 20% extra.. ontop of the obligatory 2.5%
  • Places - Shiah's visit Karbala/Najaf where there are important shrines
  • Commemorate - Sunni's commemorate the death of Husayn
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Mosques- Movements-Sects-Groups

Sunni barelvi - They seek PM's intercession - Chant praises

Sunni deobandi - Consider PM an ordinary man - don't seek intercession

Sunni sufi - emphasis on the spiritual life - worship through chants/music/dance

Shiah ithnastheri - Believe in leadership of 12 imams

Shiah ismail - Follow Aga Khan as a spiritual leader

Tawhid/Risalah/Afterlife/Shariah/Please Allah/Follow PM

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Sufi Worship

  • a muslim group - sect - live simple life
  • Concentrate on spiritual connection with God
  • Avoid attachment to material possessions
  • Overcome their selfishness and their desires

Attitiudes of Sufi worship

  • They believe purpose of worship is to connect and be one with God
  • Spiritual connection is important - the practical muslim life is not enough
  • Spiritual connection with god is more pratical

Some Muslims disagree and say...

  • Worship like this is dangerous - SHIRK
  • Using music and dance is against teachings of PM
  • Start toneglect obligatory prayers because they're so involved in spiritual devotions.
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very helpful ... dnt need to make my own notes now .... thnx ! :oD



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