Unit D1 believing in allah, islam

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Islamic GCSE Revision - Unit D1 - Believing in Allah.
This Unit is on Religion & Life from a Muslim Perspective and includes:
1. The nature of Allah in the Quran.
2. Religious experience & belief in God.
· (a numinous experience
· a conversion experience
· a mystical experience
· Belief in Allah: As seen in the Night of Power
As seen in Salah
As seen in Zakah
As seen in Sawm
As seen in Haj
3. Miracles.
· Why some people believe in them
· Why some people do not believe in them
4. Religious Upbringing & belief in God.
5. Experience of the world and belief in God.
· Meaning & purpose in life.
· The existence of religion.
· Design arguments.
· The Cosmological argument
6. Agnosticism & atheism - Why people become agnostic or atheists:
7. Evil & suffering.
· Islamic responses to evil and suffering
· Suffering is a test for the next life
· Good can come from suffering

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Ar-Rahman the Merciful
Ar-Rahim the Compassionate
Al-Aziz the All Powerful
The Night of Power The night when Prophet Muhammed (S) had the Quran
(Layatul Qadr) revealed to him.
Salah The five times a day ritual prayer
Zakah The tax Muslims pay for the poor.
Sawm Fasting, particularly in the month of Ramadhan
Hajj The annual pilgrimage to Mecca
Agnosticism Not being sure whether God exists.
Atheism Believing that God does not exist.…read more

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How does the Quran describe the nature of Allah
Sura 1:
Shows that Allah is merciful and compassionate, the cherisher and sustainer of
the universe, in control of the end of the world (Master of the day of Judgement)
Sura 2:115-117
Shows Allah is the Creator of the Universe, omni-present (everywhere),
omniscient (all knowing), that everything belongs to him.
Sura 6:95-99
Shows Allah is the Creator, Sustainers of everything and all of nature is a sign
of Allah's creation.…read more

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Religious Experiences & belief in God.
Defintion: An experience that conveys a sense of presence of God.
Religious experience can be defined in many ways, but the most common
· The feeling you get when you enter a religious building or even a
beautiful place, a feeling of awe and wonder, that there is something
greater than you whom you can only call God (a numinous experience).…read more

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As Muslims we experience a presence of God through the performance of
rituals. Eg. Salah and Hajj. So you need to be able to outline/explain these
religious experiences:
Belief in Allah:
1. As seen in the Night of Power
The Night of Power was the occasion in the Holy month of Ramadan 610
when Allah revealed the Holy Quran to Prophet Muhammad (S).…read more

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EXAMPLE: (c) Explain how the experience of sawm may support belief in
The experience of sawm support belief in Allah because during Ramadhan
Muslims try extra harder to get closer to Allah by controlling their basic
desire of food and drink and instead concentrating on Allah. This is done by
reading Quran and so Muslims are reminded of God's words and their duty
to obey Allah's commands.…read more

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Definition: Events that break natural law. A natural law is something that
happens so frequently within the world - for example, the sun rising and setting -
that it would be considered miraculous (beyond the workings of nature) if it
happened differently or failed to happen when it was expected to do so.
Miracles why some people believe in them
· Most religious people believe in Miracles.…read more

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For religious believers, God is thought
to be the best explanation for why such
an unexpected event might take place.
Can happen at particular
times of religious Believers in
Miracles If your friend is dying from cancer,
To believe that miracles are and you pray for her and she
possible can help people to get recovers, you will believe it was a
through very bad times. miracle and it will help you to
believe in God.…read more

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Religious Upbringing and belief in God
· The first words Muslims children are likely to hear are 'God is great'
whispered in their ears after they are born.
· Your family would pray five times a day in the house and children
would feel like joining those prayers
· At Ramadhan your family would stop eating and drinking and this
would make children aware that believing in Allah makes a different to
peoples lives.…read more

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Example 2004: Describe the main features of a Muslim upbringing? (6)
Children brought up in a Muslim household are usually sent to Madressa
(mosque school) where they interact with other Muslim children and learn how
to read the Holy Quran as well as learning about Islamic history, law and
behaviour. At home the children observe their parents praying five times a day
and the children feel like joining in those prayers.…read more


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