Edexcel Religious Studies Unit 4: Islam

Covers all the topics of the Edexcel's religious studies syllabus in 9 pages stacked with essential notes taken from mark schemes and text books. 

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Religious Studies unit 4 notes
1. Believing in Allah
How does the way you are brought up affect your beliefs?
Teaching young children how to pray. Through this learning they can become familiar with
Naming/head shaving ceremony ­ this is a sign of their commitment in teaching their
children about God.
Religious Education: e.g. Madrasah ­ where they have the opportunity to learn about God
and worship.
Fathers take children to Mosque, so that from an early age they become familiar with this
form of worship and beliefs about God. From this, most children would presume that God
Primary and secondary schools also influence beliefs, e.g. assemblies, prayers, RE
If a respected adult tells a child Allah is real it will lead them to believe in Allah
if a childs family and friends believe in Allah, it will lead them to believe Allah
If a child is taken to a mosque regularly, it encourages belief in Allah
Why might a religious upbringing not affect a child's belief?
They will choose for themselves
Some children dont listen to their parents
Why everyone should have a religious upbringing
It leads to belief in Allah
Gives life a purpose
Gives moral structure
Religious Experience
A religious experience is when somebody believes they have communicated with God in any way.
In Islam this can be done in many ways.
The main experiences consist of the following:
A miracle- Something that seems to break a law of science and makes you think only Allah could
have done it. People who experience this are convinced that only God could have done this, this
provides them with the evidence that God exists and causes them to believe in God and
strengthens belief in God.
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An answered prayer- Prayer is the personal way that muslims communicate with God and an
answered prayer shows that not only had God heard your prayer but has also done as requested.
This provides the person who prayed with the evidence that God must exist in order to answer the
A numinous experience- When something completely astonishes you leaving you with a feeling
that something more powerful exists than you, also carries and overwhelming feeling left with you
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The world is so beautiful and mysterious that there must have been a power behind its beginning,
and that must be Allah.…read more

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The case against life after death
Scientific evidence shows that when the body dies, everything decays.
No one has returned from the dead to tell us.
The end of life means exactly that, it is illogical to speak about life after death.…read more

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Muslim attitudes to abortion
Life begins at contraception and is a gift from Allah
Allah bestows lives and so only he can take them away
Allah has a plan for every life and we should not interfere with that plan
The Quran says, "Kill not your offspring for fear of poverty; it is we who provide for them
and for you. Surely, killing them is a great sin.…read more

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Marriage & the Family
Changing trends & attitudes towards relationships in the UK:
Cohabitation has increased, more people live together before or instead of marriage
Divorce More common resulting in single parent & reconstituted families
More single-parent families
Gay couples now have civil partnerships
Divorce, cohabitation and homosexuality are now accepted
Changes to divorce
Laws regarding divorce have changed
People are less willing to put up with bad treatment from their partners
No longer necessary for both partners to agree to the divorce
Divorced people…read more

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Prevents sex outside marriage
Muslim attitudes to divorce
The Quran permits divorce only as the last resort as contracts can be broken
The prophet hated divorce as it breaks up families
The prophet stayed married and didnt divorce
It is hated by Allah.…read more

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They dont believe theyll be good parents
4.…read more

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Differences in Muslim attitudes to other religions
· Islam is the only true religion but others have the right to exist & some will lead to God
· Islam only true religion, others have the right to exist but will not go to heaven so Muslims
should try to convert them.…read more

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May cause divisions within/between families
May cause anxiety about what will happen after death
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